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Rebecca was raised in three languages as her father is British and her mother is French-Flemish. She graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and holds an MA degree in History and an MA degree in English Language and Culture from the University of Groningen.


During her English studies, she was an actress in the English plays of theatre society GUTS. After graduation, she immediately started working for the University of Groningen’s Language Center, where she taught a whole range of different  English courses (2006 - 2009). When moving to Heusden (Noord-Brabant), she decided to start a translation and correction company together with her partner. She is now currently also working as an English teacher.


Rebecca is specialized in academic and scientific texts (she taught and supervized several PHD-writing courses), cultural texts, business texts, poetry and literature. 


Alain graduated from the University of Groningen and holds an MA degree in English Language and Culture. He specialized in translation and correction by opting for the Writing-Editing-Mediating MA: one of the few specialized academic translation, correction and editing courses in English in the Netherlands!


During his studies, he both acted and directed for English theatre society GUTS, as well as worked as an improv-actor for the English-speaking improvisation group Stranger Things Have Happened (both theatre groups functioned on a native speaker level!). When moving to Heusden (Noord-Brabant), he decided to start a translation and correction company together with his partner.


Both academic and business texts hold no secrets for Alain. He is not only specialized in academic, IT and cultural texts, but also in legal texts, websites and business texts of any nature.

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