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Do you need a website or other text translated to English? Do you feel your English texts lack fluency or formality? Would you like to publish an academic article or dissertation, but is your English not up to par?


Not only does Between Brackets translate all your texts from Dutch to English, we can also supply corrections for all your English texts. Moreover, we can draw up English texts according to your specifications.


We guarantee quality: our translators have received a university master degree in “Writing-Editing-Mediating.” Besides thorough expertise in texts of a cultural and academic nature, business and literary texts hold no secrets for us.


Do you have a text for us or would you like an offer according to your specific needs? Do not hesitate to contact us; Between Brackets will inform you as soon as possible!

Contact Us


+31 (0)6 83 22 61 99


Petrus Campersingel 15A

9713AC Groningen

The Netherlands




What we can offer you


  • made-to-measure translations and corrections by experienced and professional translators 

  • competitive rates

  • fast but accurate!

  • translators with “native speaker” insight and understanding

  • translators with an excellent academic background and education, who are also experienced in business texts

  • translators with an excellent understanding of both Dutch and Flemish culture as well as the English- speaking world through their own upbringing and interests

  • we use the Trados CAT-Tool, allowing us to translate your scripts (html, xml, javascript) and ordinary texts efficiently and consistently. If you are in possession of a translation memory, we can easily help you. If not, we will create one so that we can ensure a consistent use of language.


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